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  • Return Policy?
    We do not accept any return items. Please, contact customer service with any issues.
  • What is the profit percentage?
    40% per box item sold. Since we sell the product for less than the Fannie May stores, 40% is the norm. If you would like 50% you will need to raise the price of the candy before selling.
  • Privacy Policy?
    We do not sell any of your contact information!
  • How are the products packaged and delivered?
    All of the orders are pre-sorted per seller per sub-group, making it very easy for distribution and pick up. We deliver to the school or location, and set up all of the orders, to make sure all of the orders have been delivered.
  • What is your customer service policy?
    Inside the seller’s order are instruction to contact us for any questions or concerns.
  • Do we offer online sales?
    Yes, credit cards. Orders will be delivered to the school or locations. However, if you request an alternate delivery address, shipping charges may be applied.
  • When is payment due?
    Collect the money when you take the orders. Then upon delivery, give the check to our driver.
  • Once we start the sale, how soon will the orders be delivered?"
    Sell for 2 weeks, wait 5-6 days for late orders to be turned in, then mail all of the white order forms to us. You keep the yellow order form copy for your records. Delivery is approximately 5 weeks from the start of the sale.
  • What are the incentives for the sellers?
    We have a very simple and popular prize program. Earn free product, cash, popular prizes, and or an event. The best and most popular incentive is earn 1 free choice box for every 8 boxes sold up to 24 items sold.
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