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 About Ruthie & Dana Fundraising


We are a Leading Fannie May Candy Distributor. Ruthie and Dana Fundraising LLC was established in 2005 by Ruthie Rollings and Dana Bowyer. We are former teachers, coaches, along with Dana's 19 years of officiating high school volleyball.  With over 63 years combined fundraising experience, we know selling Fannie May Candy is one of the best product fundraising sales ever!  Easy, motivating, and has great prices!  It's proven to have the power for 1 sale to consistently produce over $100,000 retail sales year after year.  Parents continue to say “you know what you are buying for the name says it all!” Our passion is to do what is right, fair, easy, have FUN, and be proud of what you are selling!  


"We changed from selling out of a catalog to a one page Fannie May candy flyer of 5 items and our sales doubled! Ruthie said it would increase, we just had no idea it would profit $24,000. Smooth delivery even with the large volume. I tell other sales reps...we doubled our profits and it was easy, no reply."


—  Kirk Kettelkamp, Principal

Ruthie and Dana Fundraising Contest Winners

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